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Join with your porn sites to the following porn toplists to get hardcore traffic today. All the toplist get monthly reset and list your sites with hardlink. The right mix to give your sites some more traffic and linkpop.

Important: Join with your porn site only in the right niches. In tha last time i found some sites in toplists with the wrong niches. If you are missing some more niches talk with me ICQ Mindoro 453577743

Toplist Rules


1. Use the Code with out changes!! If not i will delete your account!

2. Absolutely NO CP, any site containing CP or l@lita keys will be kickedn banned and reported.

3. The title and description must reflect your real content. Please do not use bestiality, ch|ld porn and violence slogans in your title or description.

4. Donīt cheat we know the tricks

5. Sites have been inactive for 60 days will be removed from the list without notice.

6. We accept only sites in english.

7. We don't accept sites with any kind of popup/exit consoles!

8. Sites with inactive banners will be removed from the list if we see them

9. To get listed, you have to send us at least 1 hit, if you don't want to send us at least 1 hit, than don't waste our time.

10. Only if you build the the complete code we have also a linkswap so be sure that the complete code is in your site

11. Backlink is only accepted in the top 1/3 part of your porn site.

12. We know how to recognice fake traffic. Once cheated and your porn site is for ever banned from the traffic trades.

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